Spring PRG adWhy Advertise in the PRG?
Advertising is one of the smartest investments a business or organization can make to help grow their business and attract new customers. Discover how the PRG can help you reach your marketing goals –  Click here for the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Advertise in the PRG.

Deadlines and Publishing Dates
The PRG publishes quarterly and there are two styles of the Parents’ Resource Guide (PRG) available to meet advertising needs. The regular Annual PRG Magazine is our Spring issue with distribution in April (ad deadline: March 15th). This publication is on a higher-grade glossy paper which is more durable and meant to last the whole year.

The remaining three issues are in seasonally-themed, full-color newsprint magazine formats that appear in Summer, (July timeframe, ad deadline: June 15th), Fall (October timeframe, ad deadline: September 15th) and Winter (January timeframe, ad deadline: December 15th). This product will provide more opportunities to advertise in a timely fashion. In addition, the newsprint magazine format is less expensive which allows for very affordable advertising rates.

Download PRG Rate Card
For advertising rates, deadlines, ad sizes and specification please Click Here to download a pdf version of our rate card. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Ad Copy
Professional ad design and copywriting is included in the cost of the ad, but ad instructions must be clear and precise. Excessive ad changes may result in an additional charge for design at a rate of $50 per hour.

To reserve ad space, a 50% deposit is required prior to ad design. Full payment is expected by the publication’s distribution date. Do you need an extended payment schedule? Let us know, we can offer flexible payment plans to make advertising with us easier.

Cancellation of ad placement after an ad has been designed will result in a forfeit of deposit. Minimum charge is $50.

The PRG offers three levels of savings and flexibility along with a non-profit discount for those who qualify. Please see our rate-card for more details and ad costs:

Standard advertising level. No annual contract commitment.  Open rate.

5% discount for advertising in consecutive issues. No annual contract.

10% discount for one year contract, including the glossy magazine. Commitment to run in 4 consecutive issues. 1/12th minimum ad size commitment.

15% discount with a current non-profit status number.

PRG wants to be your marketing partner.
Now you can go beyond print to reach our community.

10,000 copies of the PRG is distributed in Nevada County and parts of Placer County. 5000 of those copies are direct-mailed to families 0-16. The PRG is available both as a print and online version. We are celebrating our 27th year in the community. Advertise your business and build on our brand awareness and community connection.

Need a flyer? brochure? logo? website? corporate newsletter? PRG partners with Wolf Creek Creative to offer professional graphic design and copywriting services that will help you market your business and stand out at very competitive prices. Please call 530.268.8342 for more information or email or

Technical Requirements
Ads are to be provided in the following preferred formats: Acrobat PDF saved for Press Optimized resolution.  (We do not accept ads designed in Word, or Publisher.) Illustrator EPS (text converted to outlines), Photoshop EPS or TIFF (600 dpi for line art and text). Supplied art and photo images must maintain a resolution of 300 ppi when printed at a minimum of four inches across. All color is to be saved as CMYK. Black text is to be 100% black and set to overprint.

Grayscale halftone adjustments for newsprint:
Highlight dot 10% and shadow dot 85%. Adjust midtones for a 15% dot gain for our newsprint issues. These Photoshop adjustments help keep your photos from looking muddy in newsprint.

Editorial Content:
The PRG endeavors to provide useful information to Sierra foothill families with children and grandchildren via articles, and advertiser write-ups and listings. Articles typically provide information about either services available in our region or specific categories such as health, education, family activities, recreation, the arts, upcoming events, etc. In general, the specific topic is open as long as the information is appropriate to our target audience and is respectful of varying family lifestyles, beliefs, and values. The goal is to empower strong connections within a family as well as within our community.

Advertiser write-ups allow readers to get to know more about the goods and services being offered so they can make informed decisions and choices. Advertisements and listings generally are grouped by categories to make finding the information easier.

The PRG accepts unsolicited manuscripts, but reserves the right to edit copy and make decisions on page layout if accepted for publication. The writer does not receive a final draft before printing. Submissions must be non-sexist, non-racist, respectful of others, and presented in an informative, readable, and non-technical style.

Editorial should be submitted in one of the following preferred formats: Word document, Simple text, or RTF formats. Articles are 350-400 words with bylines and word counts included at the top.

Added Advertising Benefit
As space allows, we offer advertisers a 75-100 word write-up to let our readers, and your potential customers, know more about your business or organization. This write-up space is free of charge and will run next to your advertisement. It’s like getting two ads for the price of one!  What do you want our readers to know about your business or organization? What makes your business unique and how will it be of benefit to them?

Write-up: 1/6th size ad & below = 75 – 100 words and 1/4 size ad & above = 150  words maximum.

Please call us for further editorial submission guidelines and/or advertising questions: 530.268.8342