Top Ten: ways your kids will eat more veggies

JudeFennelx Meet John and Angie parents to Noah, age 8 and Jude, age 2 (That’s Jude eating some fennel!).

When it comes to filling your child’s plate with fresh veggies, these Mountain Bounty Farm (CSA) owners know how to serve it up. Here are their tips:

1. Make it Fun
Engage kids in cooking. Even your youngest can peel garlic or wash vegetables. Make a place for prep tools they can use. Include: butter knife, vegetable brush, ruffle-edged cutter (works like a knife, but not sharp) and kid-safe carrot-peeler.

2. Make quick pickles
Thinly slice turnips, radishes, carrots and cucumbers. Place veggies in mixture of ¼ cup water, 3 tablespoons rice vinegar and a pinch of salt. Marinate while preparing dinner. Also try with mustard seeds, fresh herbs or seasoned rice vinegar.

3. Try some surprising kid-favorites
Try beets, turnips, radishes, fennel and red pepper.

4. Plant it
Whether planting herbs in a window box, or creating a patio planter, or preparing a family garden, growing food helps kids connect with veggies and where they come from.

5. Make it an adventure
Join a CSA and visit the farm. Have your children unpack the veggie box. Sample produce at the farmers market.

6. Prepare entrees and side dishes with veggies in them
Frittatas, omelets, pastas and meatballs make adding veggies easy.

7. Play with your food
Dip fruit skewers in yogurt and raw veggies in hummus. Top whole grain breads with red pepper spread. Whirl kale and berries for a green smoothie.

8. Grill it
Toss summer squash, eggplant and zucchini in olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

9. Parents set the tone
Avoid dinnertime food battles by putting the focus on family time and de-emphasizing what your child eats. It’s normal for your child to be hungry some days and not on others.

Trust that they will eat when they are hungry. If there are only healthy choices, they will eat them. Preparing separate meals for your kids reinforces the idea that something else is always available.

10. Be patient
On average, kids need to sample a new food a dozen times before they will eat it.

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